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Short & Upturned Nose

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Short & Upturned Nose

Short & Upturned Nose Causes; Let’s take a look at what can cause an upturned nose.

Your facial features are based on genetics. This goes way back in your genetic heritage, which was partially influenced by the environment of your ancestors.
The nose regulates the temperature and humidity of the air we breathe as it enters our air passages, so its shape developed based on the climate your ancestors were exposed to.

An upturned nose can be caused by sudden nasal trauma. To change the shape of your nose, the injury has to be severe, such as a broken nose. A direct frontal blow is usually what causes a nose to push inward and upward, creating an upturned appearance.
Common causes of broken noses include:
-Falling down
-Walking into a wall
-Being hit in the nose while engaging in a contact sport
-Motor vehicle collision
-Physical assault, such as being punched or kicked in the nose

The explanation behind the rhinoplasty is that the nose shows up too short, upturned and fairly unnatural fit as a fiddle. Rhinoplasty can be performed to stretch the nose and make the nose look more natural.