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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Kamila Y. (Algeria- 2016)

One of the most important choices in any cosmetic procedure is choosing the right surgeon. I was searching for a good Doctor to solve my problems with my nose, as I was suffering from the shape and plus I had breathing problem ,wich made me crazy since my childhood.

I was definitely ready to do everything just to have a perfect nose and to be able to breath comfortably.
Finally I saw Dr.Ozge Erguns profile on Realself and it was amazing to see good patient reviews, wich made me easily choose this clinic.
I would like to thank my super Doctor Ozge Ergun for his magic!

Now I m very happy with my nose and I understood well the importance of breathing

Nour K. (Riyad- 2016)

لقد اجريت عملية تجميل للأنف
العملية كانت ناجحة و النتيجة كانت بل اكثر من الرائع. لم أشعر بأي ألم كبير بعد العملية.
أشكر الطبيب و فريق عمله على النتيجة الرائعة،الطبيعية و طبعا علئ مساعدتهم لي شكرا لكم جميلا .

Jenny D. (Bournemouth- 2016)

I bumped my nose during an accident and it get broken and the bone slopped.

Dr. Özge Ergün gave me enough materials to see results of his surgeries and I understood that he knows his job. The shape of my nose is excellent natural.

Thanks god I’m 1 year post op and I can breath again and self-confidence is back.

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I highly recommend Dr Ozge Ergun. Very professional, skilled and kind. Happy with my result.
Andrea R. - Warszawa , Poland